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Is My Pet Bird Sick?

Your Pet Pros : July 1, 2015 9:44 pm

SickBirdsHaving a pet can be a very good thing for you and your family. And pet birds are often among some of the most popular pets that you can get. They are great for families with children and not much of responsibilities, as long as you do a few things for them, you will find that they require less of your time than cats and dogs do. When it comes to bird nutrition, the important thing that you remember is that there are certain things birds eat, and there are certain things that they cannot eat. Getting your bird a right food from a pet store is going to be generally good for your bird, as long as you are sure that you are getting the right type. You need to be sure that you know what kind of bird you have, to provide your bird with the best nutrition. Another thing that you can do is make sure that you give your bird plenty of fresh things that they would find outside, grains and fruits, and other things that are good for your particular species of bird. more »

How To Deal With Problems In Dog Behavior

Your Pet Pros : May 31, 2015 9:41 pm

K9 Problem behaviorWhen K9 dogs are separated from humans, usually the owner, they often display behaviors such as destructiveness, fecal or urinary elimination, hyper salivation or vocalization. Dogs from single-owner homes are approximately few times more likely to have separation anxiety compared to dogs from multiple-owner homes. Furthermore, sexually intact dogs are only one third as likely to have separation anxiety as neutered dogs. In a problem-solving experiment, leading dogs generally performed better than subordinates, but only when they observed a human demonstrator’s actions. more »

Which Health Plans Offer Pet Health Insurance

Your Pet Pros : April 24, 2015 7:16 am

high veterinary cost When you purchase a pet you shop around at the various pet shops, breeders, pet rescues, and animal shelters until you find the dog, cat, or exotic pet that suits you, what very few pet owners do is consider the cost of veterinarian cost for their new pet. The oversight can prove financially devastating and emotionally heartbreaking. The cost of veterinary cost is on the rise. Technology, liability insurance, medications, and medical research have forced veterinary clinics to raise their cost. Veterinary clinics in rural areas of the country (especially ones that combine their small animal practice with a large animal practice) find it difficult to attract young vets who are graduating from vet school to their clinics; they are forced to offer higher salaries in order to compete with clinics located closer to major cities. The increase in the payroll is then transferred to pet owners. more »

How Feral Cats Be Tamed

Your Pet Pros : March 30, 2015 12:37 pm

Stray Cat out in the streetFeral cats tend to become different from stray cats. Stray cats are usually the product of a person’s irresponsibility. Irresponsibility could be described in two ways when it comes to strays: throwing away a cat to cope for itself and/or neglecting to clean and nurture their cats. Stray cats are often timid, but they are abandoned cats with no hope for future. Feral cats are cats that were probably born to wild parents and are wild themselves. Feral cats have had no human interaction and are very difficult to tame. Because feral cats are difficult to tame, therefore classified them unwanted indoor pets, there are rescue organizations that are dedicated to trapping and sanitizing and desexing of feral cat colonies. These rescue organizations capture the cats, have them sanitizing and nurtured and desexed them, then release them near where they were initially found. Subsequently, they dedicate themselves to supplying some food to these colonies. more »

Harmful Dog Treats

Your Pet Pros : March 17, 2015 12:39 pm

Puppy waiting for snacksWhat your handsome pooch does not love getting a treat or two now and then. Dog people always love offering their dog’s snacks. If you have a dog, then you have a good idea of what your dog likes to nibble on. There are so many treats available these days and they all come in all various forms, sizes, colors, and consistencies. For every perfectly dog treat, there are those on the market that are not so good. These treats can harm your pet by being stuck in your dog’s throat or intestines. This can cause choking or even worse. If you love treating your canine friend, next you will need as being alert of those snacks that is often potentially harmful. Even with treats that are not normally harmful, you need to watch your dog when they eat. What you need to Know before You Treat Your Puppy more »

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